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Top 5 Running iPhone Apps

Many non-runners believe that running is simply running. Well, it is; and it isn’t. Running is a fantastic way to work out your entire body, provides ample cardiovascular training, and also is a way to release stress and tension built up over the...  more »

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Using technology to help better your physical self has become a growing trend since the launch of the Apple iPhone nearly four years ago. It’s a proven fact that when you record your dietary choices daily, you have a significantly higher chance of...  more »

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Personal trainers can cost up to $50 an hour at local gyms, or possible even more if you hire one outside of a fully equipped establishment. Unfortunately, many people simply cannot afford to pay this type of money. Using iPhone apps, you can get a...  more »

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Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ve probably heard of the new TRX Suspension Training program that is taking strength and resistance training to a new level. It is a new method of using the body’s own weight using suspension...  more »

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So, like nearly 80 percent of the population, your New Year’s resolutions consist of eating healthier, working out, and dropping as many inches as possible; but how much closer are you three weeks after New Year’s? I’m sure that...  more »

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With January 1st quickly approaching after the holiday feasting, it is not surprising that nearly seventy per cent of the North American population make New Year’s resolutions of losing weight, eating less junk food, and making more healthier...  more »

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The Diet Solution program was written by Isabel De Los Rios who is a certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and Holistic Nutrition Lifestyle Coach. The program was created in an effort to combat her own weight issues and impending medical conditions that ran so prominently in her family.  more »

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Background: The Eating For Energy diet is based upon the principles of a raw food diet – eating only things that have not been cooked above 180 degrees Farenheit. The reason foods are eaten in this way is because they are believed to have be more...  more »

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The Holy Grail Body Transformation program incorporates the two major goals that people looking to get in shape desire: gaining more muscle and losing fat.  more »

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The P90X system was created by BeachBody, a company who is revolutionizing the home fitness DVD industry with Tony Horton as the instructor. The P90X system will push you to the limit of your physical capabilities with 12 different workouts that vary the type of workout with different muscle groups. The P90X system was created to get you “ripped” in 90 days and offers not only the workouts but also a nutritional plan specially designed to maximize your muscular growth.  more »

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Created by Mike Geary, Truth About Abs is a comprehensive e-book which will change how you think about abdominal work and how you perform it. Instead of focusing on repetitive abdominal exercises, Geary suggests full body, multi-joint exercises to burn the most calories to transform your body and chisel your stomach with a combination of healthy diet and nutrition.  more »

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The Weight Watchers weight loss plan has been one of the most popular ways to lose weight since its inception 13 years ago. It has been tried and tested all over North America and has continued to prove that it is safe, effective, and actually works. Now,...  more »

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Yoga is one of the most beneficial exercise workouts that one can perform – due to the combination of strength, resistance and flexibility training. In addition to this, all of the various positions and sequence of which they are performed, have...  more »

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Long distance runners and endurance athletes will tell you that one of the most common training issues stem from not having a continuous source of energy to “feed” off from. Glycogen drains quickly from the muscles stores and is not quickly...  more »

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Fads are what makes society so interesting – and health related fads are no different. Fad diets such as the Warrier Diet or even fad aerobic classes made terrific “headlines” in the health industry but quickly fell out of favour. Here...  more »

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A sweet and savory way to serve broccoli.  more »

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Spicy and delicious, this shrimp can be eaten as a side dish or as a topping on healthy pizzas and salads.  more »

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Bring back a family favorite using lower fat ingredients. It's so tasty and satisfying that your family won't realize you've switched the recipe.  more »

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Lentils and pork sausage are both symbols of good luck and prosperity - and are often consumed on New Years day to provide good luck.  more »

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Homemade guacamole is a perfect side to any ethnical meal.  more »

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A festive dish with a sweet and savoury flavour that is suitable for Christmas dinner.  more »

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