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Do I have to avoid alcohol when I'm trying to lose weight?

How big of a factor is alcohol on the overall scale for losing weight?
Sep 4th, 2010

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1 Answer

Ideally, avoiding alcohol when you are attempting to lose weight is advised because of a couple of different reasons:
1.) Depending on the type of alcohol you are drinking, you are simply taking in excessive calories with no nutritional value to them at all,
2.) The mixes that you use with your drinks (ie. fruit juices, sodas) are simply full of processed sugars and unhealthy ingredients
3.) The inhibit your ability to judge what is appropriate to eat or not

If you are a person who enjoys a glass of wine with dinner, then it's best to work those calories into your daily calorie intake but if you're a social drinker who usually has more than a couple a few times per week, you may find your weight creeping up on you.

Stick to light drinks as much as you can - mixing with water or sparkling water when possible or having light beers in order to feel less restricted but be sure to remain in control of the cravings.

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