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Does anyone have any training advice for running?

I am thinking about signing up for a 10km run next year. Is there anything I should be doing / eating to help me do this?
Oct 17th, 2010

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As a runner myself, there is no single right answer as to training to be able to run (I’m assuming for long distances); however, there are so very general pieces of advice that I can give you which you can use and tweak to fit into your training.

1. Cross-train, meaning do other activities besides steady running, to help strengthen other muscles besides those affected by running.
2. Provide full days of rest for muscle recovery once per week or every ten days, at least. Recovery time will help fend off any potential injuries as well as provide rest for your legs so that they can become stronger and have more endurance for workouts to come.
3. Vary your runs with a faster pace or lengthen the distance on others to train your body all over. This will allow you to be able to finish any time of run without as much effort.
4. Treat aches and pains from your run with ice. Icing helps restrict blood flow thus reducing potential inflammation and pain. The quicker you do this after a run, the better.
5. Always fit your shoes correctly. Try to visit a show store in the evening when your feet have swelled for the day so that your measurements are accurate for working out.

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