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How can I change up an exercise without increasing the weight (not ready for that yet!)?

I am not ready to change the weight I am using, but is there something else I can do?
Jan 2nd, 2011

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1 Answer

Absolutely, although please note that increasing the weight that you are using by 5 pounds may not seem like a huge difference, but it will make one in terms of your progress. Don’t be scared to increase the resistance, it’s never too early and you can always go back down if you feel like it’s too much.

Alternatives to this include, increasing or decreasing the tempo (the speed at which you are performing the exercise), change your grip (reversing your grip such as changing your thumbs from in to out can have a major impact on your exercise),or change the positioning your stance (if you’re performing a lying chest press, try performing it on an incline instead).

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