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How many glasses of water should I drink every day?

Is there a certain amount I should drink every day?
Oct 6th, 2010

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Fitness Lady
The minimum amount of water that you should be drinking on a daily basis is between eight and twelve 8 oz. glasses. If you work outdoors in a warmer climate or if you are moderately more active on the job, you should potentially be drinking up to 15 glasses daily.

Water makes up nearly 60 to 70 percent of the human body. Without constantly replenishing your body, you run the risk of becoming dehydrated. When you become dehydrated, you invite the possibility of excess body fat, poor muscle tone, skin and hair problems, digestive issues, and bloating. Water helps flush toxic waste out of our bodies as well as aids in the metabolizing of fat. If you aren’t drinking enough water, you may not be able to shed weight as easily as someone doing the same thing as you – exercise and diet wise.

Your intake of water should be spread throughout the day and evening. Drinking more at the beginning of the day to keep yourself energized and then tapering off into the evening to avoid late night wake ups is probably best. You should also note that although the total quantity may seem like a lot, it really only amounts to ½ a cup every thirty minutes or so.

Oh, and if you are worried about taking too many bathroom breaks, don’t be. After a week or so, your body will adapt to the increase in water supply and you will begin to notice a decrease in the amount of times you need to urinate.

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