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How much sleep should you get each night?

In general, how much sleep should you be getting?
Oct 6th, 2010

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A healthy, average adult requires anywhere from six and a half to eight hours per night of quality sleep. Tossing and turning for two hours a night does not constitute “quality sleep” and will definitely not leave you feeling rested the next day.

Getting too much sleep, such as sleeping in on a weekend for ten hours or more, can also affect your sleeping patterns and cause you to you feel more tired, lethargic and drowsy the next day. Sleep deprivation is very prevalent in our society, resulting in approximately 100,000 auto accidents and 1,500 fatalities every year, so regularly not allowing yourself to get enough sleep may cause serious consequences.

Not getting your daily required zzz’s can also affect weight loss (or adversely can cause you to gain weight). In several studies that individuals who got 8.5 hours of sleep v.s. those who slept 6.5 hours per night lost weight almost 40% more quickly.

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