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I don’t have money for a piece of cardio equipment, any ideas?

I need help with some suggestions of things that would qualify as cardio without having to spend any money.
Oct 17th, 2010

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1 Answer

Cardio training is any type of activity that increases your heart rate for an extended period of time that will help train your body’s oxygen capacity and vascular endurance. Cardio workouts can fall into one of two categories: long duration cardio and high intensity cardio training.

Long duration cardio usually is from 45 minutes to one hour of consistent exercise. Because of its length, it is generally low intensity which translates to a higher rate of calories being burned as fat. It also helps preserve joints.

High intensity cardio is usually no longer than 30 minutes and includes interval training, which burns lots of calories and increases your daily metabolism. Because of the intensity of this type of cardio, it is not necessary to perform it any longer than the recommended time.

Most cardio exercises can be modified for high intensity workout and includes sports like,
• Bicycling
• Swimming
• Rock climbing
• Running
• Rowing
• Walking
• Cross country Skiing
• Jumping rope
• Spinning

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