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I’ve always wanted to have the famous ‘V taper’ back. What kind of exercise can I do to accomplish this?

Jan 19th, 2011

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1 Answer

The ‘V taper” refers to the shape of one’s torso, beginning with well defined and strong shoulders, biceps and pectorials that “taper” off into a well defined but trim waist, resembling the letter V.

Building this type of body shape will take a significant amount of dedication to your weight training. Begin by building your lats, latissimus dorsi, doing exercises such as pull ups and chin up, rows, and deadlifts. Add in some deltoid work to build thick, strong shoulders by doing exercises such as lateral raises and shoulder presses. Finish off with a trim six pack by engaging in some intense abdominal routines that consist of crunches, leg raises, sit ups, and hanging knee raises.

Good luck on your new physique!

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