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Is drinking alcohol good for you?

Oct 5th, 2010

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1 Answer

In general, alcohol is not particularly good for you simply because it lacks nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. That being said, there are some circumstances where it can be helpful such as having a glass of wine per day or before dinner. The reasoning behind this suggestion is that the alcohol in wine lowers the viscosity of the blood, allowing your heart to pump less quickly therefore putting less strain on the heart.

Wines, in particular, reds often are high in antioxidants. Antioxidants help flush out free radical toxins that enter you body through the air you breathe and the food you eat. Studies have also shown that moderated drinking (one drink per day or less) can also lower the risk for dementia and certain cancers.

However, this is in reference to one glass of wine once per day. If the consumed amount goes over this amount, any and all positive benefits go out the window. Alcohol consumption (more than one drink per day) can increase the potential for all heart related diseases, digestive issues, liver problems and will increase overall mortality rates. Excessive drinking also leads to weight gain and will even increase the risk of developing diabetes.

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