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Is yoga a good way to lose weight?

I’ve heard many good things about yoga but is it good to do for weight loss over the long run
Sep 12th, 2010

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Fitness Lady
Yoga is an exercise of both the body and mind. The body is subjected to various stretches and poses using strictly ones own body weight - and it gradually strengthened. Yoga is not ideal for fast, rapid weight loss. It is, however, a perfect addition to an already established routine of resistance and cardiovascular training.

Yoga can be done in a variety of different ways – yoga fusion, yoga/pilates, and even hot yoga. Each of the different varieties will have a different result on your metabolism. Incorporating one or two yoga sessions per week will not only help you with your flexibility training, it can also gradually help build muscle tone.

Mentally, yoga will help you to increase your concentration and focus, by creating a kind of body awareness you weren’t in tune with before. Yoga forces you to relearn how to breath and consequently, can affect your stress levels and mental clarity.

The benefits of yoga are immense and don’t all revolve around the subject of weight loss. Take a look at the article referenced to below for additional information.

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