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What are some healthy foods for breakfast?

I'm running low on healthy breakfast choices. Usually, I eat eggs with light rye bread but I want something equally quick but calorie wise too.
Oct 17th, 2010

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1 Answer

When you start your day off with a healthy breakfast, you are providing your body optimal nutrients in order to help maintain your weight. As you’ve probably heard countless times before, breakfast is without doubt the most important meal of the day. Breakfast essentially means to ‘break the fast’ of the night, and is what starts your metabolism for the day.

By giving your body the right food when you wake up, you will feel energized, be better able to concentrate, and your blood sugar levels will remain relatively stable which means you won’t binge eat for the remainder of the day.

Some low-fat, healthy breakfasts include:
• Eggs with fresh, sautéed vegetables like mushrooms, tomatoes and onions
• Oatmeal with freshly cut fruit such as blueberries or peaches
• Yogurt with fresh berries and granola
• Fruit smoothie with yogurt and fruit juice
• Homemade pancakes made with oats, whole wheat flour, and mashed bananas
• Baked beans on whole grain toast

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