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What is the best time to measure body composition?

Depending on what time I weight myself (using my body composition scale), it changes throughout one day. What is the ideal time to do this?
Jan 19th, 2011

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1 Answer

The great thing about having a body composition machine at your disposal is that you can keep a firm handle on your progress and will be able to quickly tell when something stops working for you. The only problem is making sure that you are getting accurate results each time you measure yourself.

Since you measure yourself using a scale, which probably uses Bioelectrical Impedance as the means of measurement, you will want to perform this test around the same time and with the same amount of hydration each time you do the test. An example would be to consume 4 glasses of water at least 3 hours prior to testing and at the same time each time.

You may weigh less in the morning because you haven’t yet eaten but you will be dehydrated, and that can overestimate your body fat percentage and give you an inaccurate reading. Remember, weighing in isn't as important as your overall satisfaction with your body and how your clothes feel!

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