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10 Ways to Lose Weight


Its summer! And your company has just announced a beach party for all its loyal employees at a 5 star resort hotel. And the attire is – you guessed it – swim wear! But instead of euphoria you have that sinking feeling that you might not make it. You are at least 10 pounds overweight from pigging out during the winter season and jogging outside was too cold for comfort. Well, don’t sulk. There are ways to lose those pounds fast.

Remember that whatever you eat becomes you. Simply put, your body needs food to function, the right amount and the right quantity of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. If you take in too much, they convert to globs of fat that settle in your abdomen, thighs, legs, and upper arms, or even create a double or triple chin.  So before you go on a diet weigh yourself well then consult an expert on your ideal weight.  Then start the countdown to losing weight.

Here are 10 effective tips to remove those excess pounds from your frame:

  1. Eat one full meal a day, and this meal should be breakfast. For lunch eat one half of what you normally eat and for supper one fourth of your normal meal. Breakfast fuels your energy requirement for the day and will start kick your day with energy. A heavy breakfast would also mean you wouldn’t be tempted to be forever nibbling when you have hunger pang attacks as what happens with an inadequate breakfast. You wouldn’t be munching calorie laden chocolate cream filled doughnuts and a latte at the office canteen just after you got a tiny morsel for breakfast. Supper should be light because you would not need any energy requirements while in slumber land. Consuming too much at suppertime and before sleeping would make those calories turn to fat going all the way to any willing part of your body.
  2. Allow yourself 4-5 eating sessions a day only namely, breakfast (a full meal), lunch (a half meal), supper (one fourth of your regular meal) and two tiny snacks in between. No other food should reach your mouth at any other time except during those 4-5 eating sessions. Don’t worry though, your digestive system will adjust to this intake of food.
  3. You should not starve your self though. Eat snacks but choose what you eat. Chips, cookies, cake are loaded with fat and carbohydrates. Eat fruits or vegetables such as carrot or cucumber sticks instead. And drink at least 8-10 glasses of pure drinking water.  
  4.  Go vegetarian or vegan. A vegetarian diet means eating vegetables only and strictly no meat but you can eat dairy or eggs. A vegan diet, on the other hand, means a vegetable diet minus anything from dairy or eggs.  But if you really can’t do this, eat lean meat only and eat it sparingly. Choose lean cuts and trim off the fat before you cook them. If you happen to like chicken throw away the skin. Eat the white portion of eggs. If you can’t stop yourself from drinking milk choose low fat milk. Eat as much carrot sticks and lettuce or broccoli or any vegetable you fancy. Use oils derived from plants (canola, olive, sunflower, palm, soybean oils are great) and not butter or margarine.
  5. Modify your cooking. Instead of frying you can grill or broil your food. Sautéing or frying, especially deep frying, adds calories mainly from the fat you use.
  6. No starchy desserts or snacks such as pies, chocolate chip cookies, ice cream, cakes and chips. Potato chips contain heavy calories from fat.
  7. Nix all soda drinks and sweetened fruit drinks altogether. They contain useless calories that add up to enlarge your thighs and abdomen. A bottle of soda is equivalent to 8 tablespoons of sugar. Plain harmless water is much better. Think of saving your teeth too. No booze is a must. Alcoholic drinks are just like soda laden with too much calories.
  8. If you have a habit of stashing food in your bag, drawer, pocket or wherever give them all away. It would be easy to get hold of those candies, gums, chips, chocolate, and cookies and pop them in your mouth. Remove that bowl of candies from your desk.
  9. Exercise 30-45 minutes daily without fail. Wake up an hour earlier if you are a lark (morning people) then go jogging or brisk walking. For owls, they can do that an hour after supper. However, do warm up exercises and cool down exercises before and after the most rigorous part of your exercise. Do go get your bath or shower after that.  Another option for exercise is the use of a pedometer to track your steps. Walk 20,000 steps a day.
  10. At the office, don’t spend all of the time seated. Stand up and walk around those spaces, better yet, do some simple stretching. Also, it would take off your mind from reaching out to get some fat-laden snacks. Walk instead of ride so use flat shoes and use the stairs instead of the escalator or the elevator.

Other important reminders include sleeping at least at 8-9 hours a day. Scientists noted that people who lack sleep have the tendency to get fat. Do not use slimming pills or herbal remedies unless under the supervision of a physician.  Losing weight too fast would be detrimental to your health. The ten recommended are the healthiest choices balancing diet and exercise. Also, you need a steely determination and discipline to do it.

Now after 2 or 4 weeks you are happy to see the result. Reward yourself to justify your efforts. Go buy that sleek two piece swim suit. Then show off at the beach. You were glad you had the will and discipline to do it.



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