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Is It Beneficial to Add Supplements to Your Workout Program?


Take a look through any health and fitness magazine and you will see countless advertisements for weight loss and nutrition supplements. Adding these supplements into your diet and workout regime can be very beneficial and helpful to achieving your fitness goals, provided you understand what they are, how they affect you, and how to correctly add them into your life.

Before changing anything in your current routine, you should always check with your doctor to verify nutritional supplementation will not interfere with any prescribed medication or will be in any way harmful for any medical conditions you may have, for example diabetes. Even otherwise healthy people should speak to their doctors as a general guideline when changing anything in their lifestyle.

The most common supplement used in the fitness industry is muscle-building protein powder. Available in a variety of flavors, protein powder is a versatile substance which can be added into juice, shakes, baked goods, oatmeal, and soups as a means of boosting the protein content in these foods. Protein’s main role is in repairing and growth of one’s muscle tissue which is very helpful when incorporated with a strength training routine. Pure protein powder has no carbohydrates and very low fat content making it a great diet drink.

Another commonly used supplement is creatine monohydrate. Creatine is used before a strength training session to replenish creatine stores in the muscle and to allow better performance and maximum power. This is not limited to only weight lifting; it is also applicable to high intensity aerobic work. Water is retained in the muscular cells, giving an optimal environment for optimum performance and stimulus.

Adding a multivitamin to your daily life can be beneficial to your workouts and contribute positively to your overall health and wellbeing. Even if you are making healthy eating choices, there are bound to be small holes in your vitamin and mineral intake which can be alleviated with a multivitamin.

Always be sure to do your homework and perform some due diligence before beginning any type of supplementation program. You should always find out when to take your supplement and how much to take as it can change the effectiveness of it, such as pre- or post- workout, upon waking, or before going to sleep.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, it is important to understand anything you ingest into your body passes to your child. There are products available which are suitable to lactating mothers, but will vary from brand and manufacturer. Reading the nutritional label of a product should carry a warning, or speak to your doctor for further clarification.



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