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Benefits of Organic Food


There are many benefits to eating organic frutis and vegetables.

You are what you eat. Food has a direct impact on our bodies, and especially in weight gain or loss. When we consume more fatty foods, it shows on our waistlines, and when we choose healthier alternatives, the benefits it brings are enormous. The world is slowly waking up to studying and understanding how the minutest of fertilizers and pesticides affect a growing crop. The chemicals that are used in growing the crop, eventually land up on our plates, and enter our body. Is there a healthier alternative for you and your children? Fortunately there is.

Organic food is slowly but steadily gaining a loyal club of fans. The term “organic’ can refer to fruits, vegetables and animals, that are grown or reared using non conventional methods. A number of studies conducted to understand better the differences between organic and non-organic food, are weighed heavily in favour of the former. Due to modern methods of farming, it is believed that food, meat and dairy may contain much lower levels of nutrients than before. One reason could be that chemical farming kills good nutrients in the soil. Organic crops in comparison, have higher levels of minerals and antioxidant rich phytonutrients, such as lycopene found in tomatoes. A reason for this has been attributed to the fact that chemical fertilizers are never used to grow an organic crop thus making the soil richer in nutrients and enabling crops to rely on their own defence mechanisms against pests. This may be why organic food tastes better than non-organic food. 

Pesticides used in non-organic crops, have a huge impact on our bodies. Research suggests that such toxins can cause considerable damage to the reproductive, immune and nervous system. When you switch over to organic food, this risk is immensely reduced. Children, too, can suffer severe side effects from consuming pesticide-laden food, as their brains, bodies and immune system are still immature. Giving children organic food at a young age ensures that they eat healthy nutrient rich food from childhood itself.

Many food items we see on our supermarket shelves are full of additives, harmful preservatives, colorings, acids or flavours. This is believed to contribute to an increase in hyperactivity in children. Organic food is free from such harmful ingredients, and can even help strengthen your body’s natural defences against illness. Observations have shown that people who consumed organic food for a certain period of time, had better immune systems, fell ill lesser and had better overall resilience. Even organic meat and dairy products have been found to contain more vitamins, antioxidants and other benefits, as compared to organic meat and dairy.

So the next time you shop for groceries, choose the healthier and better tasting alternative. By saying yes to organic food, you will give your family additional health benefits, as well as contribute to protecting our environment.



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