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Best Fat Burning Workout


A workout plan that incorporates interval training is a great way to burn calories and lose weight fast.

Many people nowadays are obsessed with losing weight. They either try a new diet regimen recommended by their friends or enroll in a gym in search of amazing results fast. 

But, there is no such thing as quick and effective fat-burning solution. Diet alone will not make you lose weight with toned muscles. In order to make your weight loss plan successful, you have to eat a healthy diet as well as come up with the best fat-burning workout. Before starting any exercise regimen, you should consult a trainer for this in order for you to have an effective and efficient workout plan. Every one of us should have our own specialized or customized workout plan to burn fat, so don’t just exercise or walk on the treadmill for the sake of doing it because in the long run, you will just be wasting a lot of your time.

The most important factor that many people do not know is that you should change your workout routine every now and then. You cannot simply stick to your workout plan and do your routine over and over again for a whole year. Expert trainers recommend changing your fat-burning workout plan every 4 to 6 weeks, otherwise your body will adapt to it and it will just turn out to be useless and inefficient. Make sure to modify the duration, level of intensity as well as the whole fat-burning workout plan.

For a simple but very effective fat-burning workout plan, refer to the fitness plan below.

For the 1st to 2nd week:

During this period of your workout, you have to remember to keep an elevated heart rate, but not overdo it so as you will experience shortness of breath. Do a 30 minute to 1 hour of brisk walking or light jogging. You have to do this three to five times a week until you get the hang of doing this regularly.

For the 3rd to 4th week:

When you already performed your brisk walking or light jogging for 2 weeks, you have to change the kind of training or exercises to make it effective and efficient. You have to incorporate higher intensity exercises with lower intensity ones. This is what we call “interval training.” This kind of workout stimulates and speed the metabolism. Before plunging into this method, you have to remember to warm-up and do some stretching exercises for about 5 minutes. After your warm-up, you can do your light jog starting from slow speed, then to moderate pace and slowly increasing it to about 7.5 to 8.0 mph. Then, you have to return to a slow speed for about two minutes and repeat each of the phases two times. Do not forget to perform some cooling exercises for 5 minutes before stopping this workout.

For the 5th week onwards:

After your body develops endurance and strength from your interval training, you can now shift to a much strenuous fat-burning workout.  You can do any one or a combination of these exercises. These include running, elliptical exercise trainer workouts, cycling, swimming, and other aerobic exercises. But, make sure to do some warm-ups before doing these exercises to avoid any injury. You must remember to use as many muscle groups as possible to burn more fat in your body.

Since, every person has different body types, endurance and metabolism, the best fat-burning workout plan is a customized one. Every person should be personally assessed by a trainer to determine the level, intensity and duration of the workout which best fits a person in order to get hold of good results.



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