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Best Way to Lose Belly Fat


You think that merely doing crunches and sit-ups would make you lose those lumps of fat around your belly? Wrong! According to experts, crunches and sit ups do not actually make you lose those extra pounds around your middle.  When you indulge, your belly is the first place where the excess fat goes and it’s also the last to lose weight.

The best way to lose belly fat is to combine a healthy, sensible diet and an exercise program. It doesn’t always mean eating bland food or doing an exercise regimen that is so boring, you’d give it up within a few days of effort.

Let’s start with the food. The bottom line is, you should eat food from the three food groups that makes you go, grow and glow. More from the go and glow groups. The rule would be to eat half of what you normally eat. And that goes for breakfast, lunch and supper including the snacks you have to eat. Here are some tips:

  • Use a small plate and see that you fill it with half of what you normally eat.
  • Don’t deprive yourself though; you can eat two snacks but as the rule goes, eat half of what you normally eat. If you used to eat two bars of granola and a soda for a snack, now, it would just be one bar.  Skip the soda and replace it with plain water or unsweetened green tea with a twist of lemon.
  • Nix all soda drinks and alcoholic beverages.
  • Eat only the lean portions of meat.
  • Eat more veggies and fruits. The fruits are better eaten fresh, not pureed or juiced. But if you fancy dried fruits, go for freeze dried fruits. They contain less calories.
  • Stop eating those chips, candies, pastries, and any kind of food that are deep fried like french fried potatoes, meat or fish. In short, stop eating junk food and fast foods. They’re usually loaded with the unhealthy stuff.
  • Grill, steam, or boil your food instead of frying it.

What about exercise? Before you start an exercise regimen, take a notebook and start an exercise journal. Write the date you started and weigh yourself with your clothes off.  Take a tape measure and measure your abdominal girth at the stoutest aspect of your abdomen. Measure where it is at its roundest. Jot it opposite the date. Then weigh and measure every week.

The next step is to make a schedule. The ideal frequency for exercising should be at least 3-4 times weekly. For the first week, go for 15 to 20 minutes and gradually increase it to 30 minutes until you reach an hour or more.  Jot the minutes you spent exercising in your journal.

One word of caution: do warm ups by stretching before you start, then cool down after you are done. This is to put your cardiovascular system into a spin. Schedule what time of day or night is the best time for you to exercise. Vary the locations of your exercise to avoid monotony.

Here are the best exercises to make you lose that dreaded belly fat:

  • Jogging provides you with a high intensity exercise that shows you results within weeks. If you choose this type of exercise to lose weight, start slowly. Use appropriate jogging clothes and shoes. When you jog, the best time would be in the morning just after the sun is out. Or if you are a night owl, the best time would be before the sun sinks down the horizon.

If you have increased your time to 30 minutes or even an hour, you would already be seeing results. After two weeks, weigh yourself and measure your girth. As long as you do this regularly without fail, you will see results in the third and fourth week when you would be running for a span of an hour or even more.  

  • Biking is one fantastic and enjoyable way of losing weight. As with jogging, start slowly, then increase the time gradually until you reach an ideal time of 45 minutes to an hour regularly. Do this three to four times weekly.
  • Now, if the weather is too cold, windy, rainy or snowy, a treadmill is the best way to exercise. Start slowly and gradually increase your time on the machine. To make you expend more effort, incline the treadmill a wee bit higher.  
  • Just like the treadmill, using a stationary bike would be ideal because you can use it inside your home when the weather goes foul. As always, start slowly until you reach your goal of 45 minutes to an hour three or four times a week.      
  • Walking is one good way of exercising. There are many types of walking, but the best type for losing that excess baggage around your middle is high intensity walking. Walk briskly until you can neither talk nor sing comfortably. Walking will utilize the oxygen you would use in talking and singing. But be cautious, walk slowly at first. Then brisk walk for at least an hour or more a day.  

 Remember that whatever you put in through your mouth in excess is converted to belly fat.   Remember, too, that if you really want to lose those excess blobs around your middle, it would take determination. Nothing comes easy and no amount of diet pills would work magic. What will really make you lose fat and maintain it is old-fashioned determination and discipline in eating sensibly and exercising regularly. Wouldn’t it be amazing to put on those trendy skinny jeans once again?



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