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Best Ways to Maintain Weight Loss


So, you’ve achieved your weight loss goals. Maybe it was the last ten pounds of your pregnancy two years ago, or it’s the forty pounds you accumulated throughout college and haven’t seemed to be able to get rid of, but you’ve done it. You have met your goal and you feel better than you have ever felt, but now you are wondering, how do I maintain this weight loss?

It is significantly easier to maintain your current body weight than you might think. Depending on the way you got to your goal will affect how you stay there. If you tried crash dieting and the latest fads, then it might be harder to keep than how you got there. Your eating habits will need to permanently change – consider it a lifestyle change to keep your new, healthier body. Healthy eating does not necessarily mean eating less, just eating smarter. Once you’ve hit your target weight, you can eat your favorite foods in moderation and in addition to the low calorie, nutritionally dense food you are already eating.

Learning to control your portions is something that becomes easier with time. As you learn to control yourself, the portion size becomes habit and then is all you need to satisfy your hunger. If you have problems controlling your appetite, utilizing a food journal can be the easiest way to identify the trouble times and foods and learn when to stay away and when to treat yourself. An example of this is learning to avoid the refrigerator when you are emotional or treating yourself to dessert after a week of disciplined eating.

Maintaining a moderate level of physical activity on a weekly basis is important to sustaining your weight loss. Although it is true you do not have to work out as hard as you did to reach your goals, consistently performing a variety of low to moderate intensity strength training routine along with 30 to 60 minutes of cardio two to three times per week will help maintain your weight loss. Be sure to change up your routine to avoid potential plateaus.

Continually monitoring your weight on a weekly basis will also let you know quickly if you are going outside your comfort zone and will help you take action to avoid regaining the weight.  Carrying around a picture of yourself when you were at your heaviest may be the thing you need to nip weight gain in the bud before it gets out of control.



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