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Eggs are a delicious addition to any clean diet and contain the essential amino acids required to build muscle. Eggs are fantastic on their own or in addition to many recipes, such as baked goods. Because the yolk has such as high amount of fat, nearly 5g...  more »
0 0 Tanya Sep 21, 2010 in Healthy Eating
Protein is an essential nutrient that everyone, including vegetarian and vegans, need in order to thrive and grow. Along with carbohydrates and fat, protein is a source of energy as well as a provider of amino acids. Amino acids are what create and...  more »
0 0 Tanya Sep 19, 2010 in Healthy Eating
Most people think of this vitamin as the “sunshine” vitamin which helps bone growth; however, in recent studies vitamin D has been getting a bigger role in the overall health picture. With the recent buzz going around about vitamin D, you may...  more »
0 0 Tanya Sep 18, 2010 in Supplements
Whether you are running a 10km (6.4 mile) race for charity or to realize a fitness goal, progressive training over the course of several weeks is essential. Blindly entering a race of this length without undergoing any type of endurance training can lead...  more »
0 0 Tanya Sep 18, 2010 in Fitness
Onions, one of your kitchen staples, is nearly a perfect match for virtually all types of cuisines. It matches and accentuates any dish that it is used in, and because it comes in such a distinct variety, it can be added anywhere to increase nutritional...  more »
0 0 Tanya Sep 17, 2010 in Healthy Eating
Since yoga has been brought to the forefront of celebrity fitness as both a means to create a lean and healthy body as well as a healthy mind and soul, individuals all over have been flocking to yoga classes, both in gyms or at private studios, to partake...  more »
0 0 Tanya Sep 17, 2010 in News & Celebrity
Injuries happen to everyone and although they aren’t a regular occurrence, they definitely provide some feedback from your body as to its current conditioning levels. It’s very often that you will be performing a movement you may have done a...  more »
1 0 Tanya Sep 7, 2010 in Fitness
What do Alyssa Milano, Alicia Silverstone, Ellen Degeneres, and Woody Harrelson have in common? Well, they are all famous celebrities as well as dedicated vegans. Veganism is both a lifestyle as well as dietary change which eliminates animal or animal...  more »
1 1 Tanya Sep 6, 2010 in News & Celebrity
How to Calculate Weight Watcher Points Weight Watchers is a internationally known weight loss company that provides nutritional education to those looking to lose weight. It operates in about 30 countries around the world and uses a variety of food...  more »
1 0 Tanya Sep 5, 2010 in Healthy Eating
Broccoli is part of the cruciferous family, which includes other vegetables such as kale, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, and cabbage. Vegetables from this family contain powerful and protective compounds that help prevent cancer called isothiocyanates....  more »
1 1 Tanya Aug 31, 2010 in Diet & Nutrition
There is absolutely nothing as difficult as losing a large amount of weight and be extremely close to your goal, only to have your weight loss stall 10 to 15 pounds before your target weight. It often becomes a power struggle within your body and mind and...  more »
0 0 Tanya Aug 30, 2010 in Weight Loss
Regardless of what time you decide to hit the weights, chances are that you will provide your body some sort of nourishment to be able to get through an intense workout. Having a snack before your workout will give you the energy and endurance to really...  more »
0 0 Tanya Aug 30, 2010 in Diet & Nutrition

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