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Contrary to popular belief, healthy snacks are essential to losing excess weight and revving your metabolism. Ideally, one should be eating three meals and two snacks per day. Here are some ideas of snacks which are as tasty as they are...  more »
0 0 Tina Sep 22, 2009 in Healthy Eating
Choosing a weight loss program should be based on individual circumstances and goals – what is right for one person may not work for another. All weight loss programs should combine healthy eating with regular physical activity. There are many...  more »
0 0 Tina Sep 22, 2009 in Weight Loss
The first step to clean and healthy eating starts with buying the correct foods to stock your kitchen with. In order to do this, you need to create an inventory of what you already have and what you will need. Too much and you will be throwing money away...  more »
0 0 Tina Sep 16, 2009 in Healthy Eating
Strength training isn’t just for body builders as the benefits go beyond that of big muscles. There are many health advantages that make strength training an essential part of your weight loss plan. When beginning any strength training program, it...  more »
0 0 Tina Sep 9, 2009 in Fitness
Losing weight is a challenging process and even more so when your eating habits aren’t up to par. Proper diet and nutrition is essential to losing weight. You can exercise and train all you want, but if you aren’t eating the right types of...  more »
0 0 Tina Sep 8, 2009 in Healthy Eating
When implementing a weight loss regime, not only is it important to choose the right types of food but the right beverages as well. There are many marketing gimmicks claiming their product contains healthy ingredients – you only need to look to the...  more »
0 0 Tina Sep 2, 2009 in Healthy Eating
Understanding how to stay committed to losing weight is not difficult; it is putting that thought into action that is hard. In order to condition your mind to be your personal cheerleader, you need to complete a series of steps. The first thing you need...  more »
0 0 Tina Sep 1, 2009 in Weight Loss
The hardest part of doing anything in life, let alone making a life altering change, is getting started.  With weight loss, it is easy to become defeated quickly.  If you start off on the right path to weight loss, you will be more likely to...  more »
0 0 Stephanie Aug 31, 2009 in Weight Loss
Embarking on a new weight loss plan can be a scary adventure.  More often than not, this will probably not be your first attempt at weight loss.  More often than not you will anticipate that this attempt  will be yet another failure. ...  more »
0 0 Stephanie Aug 30, 2009 in Weight Loss
The human body is mostly made up of water.  This is a simple fact that nearly every person walking down the street can recognize.  Most people can even identify that the average human being’s constitution is 50-75% water. ...  more »
0 0 Stephanie Aug 30, 2009 in Healthy Eating
The majority of people’s weight gain is based upon their inability to control their appetite.  While metabolic function and efficiency may or may not be rooted in genetics, appetite is something that an individual can take control over once...  more »
0 0 Stephanie Aug 29, 2009 in Diet & Nutrition
If you are really determined to lose weight and already have a sensible diet plan, then you should already know that the most effective weight loss strategy is to couple a weight loss diet plan to a realistic exercise regimen. Well then, here is a simple...  more »
0 0 Victoria Aug 28, 2009 in Fitness

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