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Diet or Exercise – Which is the Best Approach to Weight Loss?


Combine both diet and exercise for optimal weight loss.

Among the other questions about losing weight, this is perhaps one of the frequently asked. Which approach really makes us lose weight faster and better? Is it diet or exercise?

Dieting seems to be the most preferred choice simply because people have often thought of it as the easiest. Starving one’s self, however, is not the way to do it. Likewise, dieting appears to be the most convenient for some since it does not require body pressure and effort.

But eating in moderation and proportion is the key, and doing it entails a lot of mind power. Hunger and craving, as we all know, are the hardest to control.  With food available in every corner, eating would be the hardest to resist.

Exercise has always been a tried and tested method in weight loss and has proven a lot of health benefits. However, this requires hard work especially for vigorous forms of exercise. But those who really want to shed off some pounds cannot give any excuse anymore as walking and simply doing household chores can now be considered as a form of exercise. Working out the body need not a gym or a special trainer; what one needs is discipline and commitment to keep the body moving consistently.

Several studies show that individuals who took on a special diet and those who performed regular exercise lost significant amount of weight. Even studies from different journals about metabolism and health and fitness claim that both dieting and exercise can take off extra pounds.

However, maintaining a target weight appears to be easier when exercise and diet are combined. When one loses weight through exercise and gives attention to what he eats, he is able to sustain his ideal weight more. Building muscles through exercise and maintaining muscles through a protein diet promises a more significant and lasting weight loss.

The difference only lies in the motivation factor it induces in an individual. If one would rather run a mile than skip the mayo on his burger, then he’d burn enough calories to compensate for the unhealthy meal and would not gain extra weight. If one feels more comfortable in watching what she eats than going to the gym, then she is more likely to monitor her eating habits and eventually lose weight. But if one embraces the discipline to work out and eat healthily, then losing weight will be a breeze. 


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