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The Effectiveness of the P90X Program


P90X Extreme Home Fitness program.

Tony Horton’s P90X full body workout is not your average work out video. It is a ninety day program which will change your body through a variety of workouts all expertly coordinated. The P90X program is not intended for beginners – it is a rigorous one hour workout and will work your muscles in a way you have never done before.

The technique used by Tony is called “muscle confusion”. This occurs when you constantly change the muscles being used throughout your workouts, and help avoid plateaus or boredom with your workout. Because you are targeting so many different muscles, your body cannot become accustomed to the workout and you won’t ever stop seeing results. Of course you will need to modify certain exercises in order for them to continue to challenge you, but due to the ever changing nature of the various videos, your body will not stop responding to this stimulus of the routines.

The P90X comes with tools in order to help you succeed with sculpting your body. These tools include a P90X Fitness Guide, Nutrition Guide, Worksheets, and Calendars. You have all the information at your fingertips and all the necessary tools in order to reach your goals. All you have to do is continue to motivate and push yourself to do your daily workout.

The P90X Complete program comes with 12 DVD, with 12 different workouts. The following is a breakdown of the system.

Chest & Back – A defined and targeted workout for your chest and back, utilizing a variety of different push up and pull up grips.

Plyometrics – Features a variety of explosive jumping cardio to increase your athletic performance.

Shoulder & Arms – Combine several techniques such as curls and flys for a shoulder and arm workout which will build rapid muscle.

Yoga – Provides a workout focused towards your health and well being through yoga poses which combine strength, balance, and breathing.

Legs & Back – A lower body oriented workout with lunges and squats which will rival all others.

Kenpo X – A total different approach to cardiovascular exercise using punches and kicks for a coordination and endurance.

X Stretch – Promote flexibility, lower your risk or injury, and avoid plateaus with this dynamic stretching routine.

Core Synergistics – Build muscle to help support your core with a full body conditioning routine.

Chest, Shoulders, & Triceps – A great upper body routine to work all the muscles in your chest, shoulders, and triceps.

Back & Biceps – A focused workout to build, tone, and tighten your biceps and back.

Cardio X – A great low impact, fat burning cardiovascular workout.

Ab Ripper X – An abdominal routine which will sculpt you a six pack that you didn’t believe was possible.

The P90X program costs $119.85, three payments of $39.95, but results are guaranteed or your money back. This costs less than three sessions with a personal trainer but will provide you with the knowledge and tools to do it on your own.

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