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Exercise Plan to Help You Lose Weight


If you are really determined to lose weight and already have a sensible diet plan, then you should already know that the most effective weight loss strategy is to couple a weight loss diet plan to a realistic exercise regimen. Well then, here is a simple and sensible exercise plan to keep you on track with your weight loss program:

  • Get the go signal from your Doctor. He or she will determine if you are clearly healthy without any hidden illnesses that may become serious or exacerbated with exercise.
  • After the check up, decide what type of exercise would suit you best.

a.)     Would you favor going to the gym three or four times a week? The advantage is that you are coached by a trainer and you can go at your own pace. The drawback is the cost which may be stiff at times and you need to commute going there. In other words, you cannot do it anytime or anywhere.

b.)    Another option is to search and choose some DVDs on exercises and follow them in the privacy and comfort of your own home. Or, you can even  download some exercises from the web that might suit you and which you can easily do yourself.

c.)    You could also choose to jog or walk regularly.

d.)   Running on a treadmill or having a go at a stationary bike are also good ideas.

e.)    Do a combination of aerobic or cardio exercises where you can choose your own combinations.

f.)     Do yoga that effects weight loss. 

  • After yo’ve decided on the type of exercise you would like, make a journal for the sole purpose of keeping track of your progress. Make four columns. On the first column write the date and the time, the second column would be for your weight, the third column for the minutes or hours you had been exercising, and a fourth column for the type of exercise you did. You may want to mix different kids of exercises. Now, for the first entry and first day of exercise, fill in the columns and keep writing every time you go on exercise. Keep the journal handy, or hang it near your jogging or walking shoes. If you are enrolled in the gym, bring it in your bag. Review what you have written. It will be a big boost to your morale when you read what you have accomplished. This will definitely motivate you more.
  • Decide the best time for you to exercise depending on your availability and also your biorhythm. For night owls, the period before sundown would be optimal and for morning larks, dawn would be fine.  How regular should your exercise be? Three to four times a week would be good. Start for 15 or 30 minutes until you reach 45 minutes or an hour.
  • Some important reminders especially if you do your own exercises alone:

a.) Observe warm up and cool down exercises. If this is your first time to exercise, go slowly at first and increase your speed. Never exercise just after a meal but wait for at least an hour or two before you do.

b.) Be sure you won’t get dehydrated, bring water with you if you go jogging or brisk walking. If you do high intensity exercises take breaks to sip water.

c.) Be appropriately garbed. Use good walking or jogging shoes and not very thick clothes. Use loose clothes for proper circulation and ventilation.

d.) Observe safety in the road where you go jogging or walking. If you get unusually tired or get chest pain or body aches, rest and go see your doctor.

  • Begin the exercise. There are stages before you would come to love your exercise. Some people will think about exercising for some time before actually doing it. Then if you took the first steps and enjoyed it, go with your momentum. You would want more until you gradually make it a habit.
  •  Seek a support group. If you are enrolled in the gym this would not be a problem. Socialize with your classmates and share experiences. If however, you are on the treadmill or stationary bicycle or doing your exercises at home, seek moral support from family members. Share with them your goal of losing weight so they motivate you whenever your determination to exercise is at an all time low.
  • Motivate yourself regularly. Visualize what you want to accomplish, how your body would look, how you would be wearing fun clothes, how confident you would be with the people you would socialize with. Visualization is a powerful tool to motivate oneself.

Stick with the plan you made. Eventually those pounds will disappear and you’ll see yourself as you’ve always visualized.  Enjoy and good luck!



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