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Fitness Trends for 2011: New and Exciting Classes and Gadgets


Fads are what makes society so interesting – and health related fads are no different. Fad diets such as the Warrier Diet or even fad aerobic classes made terrific “headlines” in the health industry but quickly fell out of favour. Here is a list of ten top fitness fads for 2011.

Fad # 1 – Group Workout Classes such as Boot Camp

After a sluggish return to a growing economy, you may find it difficult to fork over your hard earned pay cheques in exchange for one-on-one personal training. The next best thing? Try a boot camp class that embodies the same intensity with a group of like-minded peers utilizing the best of both circuit and interval training. There really isn’t a way to have more fun while burning tons of calories in the process.

Fad # 2 – Kettlebells

For a change of pace from traditional dumbbells, try a kettlebell workout. The complete change in posture and movement will keep your body guessing and your muscles challenged. Use them to add different exercises into your workouts to help build strength, explosive power, and endurance while actively engaging your core the entire time.

Fad # 3 – Hot Yoga

Imagine performing relaxing and stress relieving yoga within a heated room so you can sweat out all of your toxins and perform deep stretches that you may not otherwise be able to achieve. Bikram yoga, also known as hot yoga, allows to you do just that and well as burn between 300-600 calories per class.

Fad # 4 – DIY Workouts

With the huge influx of DIY DVD programs such as P90X or Yoga Booty Ballet, many people across the globe are taking their health into their own hands and into their living rooms with non-traditional DVD workouts.

Fad # 5 – Using Apps to Provide Support

With the increase in technology throughout the country, turning to your beloved electronics as a means of providing you with support in your workouts, whether that be through a fitness tracking application or through a social networking site like Facebook, people are looking at the online community to help provide the much needed support to help you to get in gear.

Fad # 6 – Piloxing

Try a new spin on both Pilates and boxing – as the name entails. An overall strengthening and toning program that will leave you exhausted and feeling amazing, Piloxing helps sculpt muscles and burn fat in a way you may not have done before. Currently, certified Piloxing is only available in the United States.

Fad # 7 – Fitness Video Games

Both the Wii Fit and PS3 Move have integrated video games into more active playtime. What once would have had you sitting on the couch for hours now has you boxing, kicking, playing sports and even practicing yoga, all in the comfort of your own home.

Fad # 8 – Stress Relief

Make sure to engage yourself in stress relieving massages and rest days that will help you to unwind after long days at work and early evenings of winter. Regular stress relieving sessions will also help boost your immune system to help you avoid getting sick.

Fad # 9 – Try a Sexy Class

Sexy workout classes such as pole dancing or belly dancing will not only help combat extra fat you may be carrying around but will also boost your self esteem. Learn to shake your curves to make you feel and look amazing.

Fad # 10 – Becoming More Health Conscious

2011 is the year to really focus on eating right and choosing healthy foods. Start off the New Year right by changing your focus to enjoyable and sustainable eating habits for you and your entire family.




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