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Holiday Weight Gain Prevention


Getting together with friends and family over the holiday season almost always ends in weight gain for many people. Attending parties and other social gatherings in which food is always a welcome guest can cause havoc on nearly anyone’s diet. The best defence is a good offence hence why prevention should be the tool you use to avoid holiday weight gain.

The best tip that can be given around this time is simply this: don’t aim for weight loss, simple attempt to keep your current weight. As it may be difficult to resist all the tempting treats that are being offered to you, follow some of these steps to help prevent any extra weight from settling on your body.

1. Don’t Stop Moving

Make sure that you don’t stop your regular workout schedule, especially right now, simply because it’s convenient not to do it. You can make up as many excuses as you want; however, the outcome will be the same regardless of what you come up with – undeniable weight gain. Remember, as much as you try not to, you probably will indulge, even just a little bit. And by keeping your workouts regular, you will ensure help keep that off.

2. Fill Up With Fruits and Vegetables When Possible

Simple to avoid filling up on sweets and treats, indulge in the raw veggie and fruit platter. In fact, make that your first stop so that you can’t overeat on unhealthy foods because you’ll be primarily full on water and fibre. This will also ensure that you get your daily recommended intake to keep you healthy.

3. Use a Small Plate at the Party

Help yourself by choosing a small plate so that you can effectively balance out your portions – even when you are ravenous. Providing yourself with a reminder, ie. the small plate, will help you to keep your objectives in focus – to avoid the excessive holiday weight gain.  Using a small plate will mean smaller portions and less sauce.

4. Keep a Glass of Water in Your Hands

Sipping on a glass of water for most of the time will not only keep you from overeating by keeping your stomach full; it will also keep your hands full so you don’t have the opportunity to keep picking from your plate. It’s just awkward enough to be annoying and will remind you of your fitness goals.

5. Learn How to Say No Politely

When in doubt, learn to say no in a polite way that won’t offend your host. Statements like “Oh, no thank you. I couldn’t eat another bite” or “I’ve already eaten so much, it was wonderful. Thank you” are great ways to let the person presenting you with more food that you’ve had enough.



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