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How to Burn Fat Calories


New research claims that a glass of milk aids in burning fat and calories after a meal.

A number of medications, diet plans, weight management and exercise trainings have long been advertised with the assurance of fast calorie burning and loss of unnecessary weight. While some of them have kept the promise of fat loss, most seem to be a temporary solution as one will inevitably get tired of following the routine every single day.

Most researches say that there are several ways to burn fat calories in order to fight fat. Experts may recommend one or a combination of the three most famous calorie-burning activities.

  1. Keep Moving

    Undeniably, we need to keep our body moving in order to burn fat calories fast. Trainers and experts claim that the more we move our body, the more calories are burned. Perhaps that claim has a direct relationship with the kind of exercise we commit ourselves to since calories fuel our activities. Essentially, we will burn more calories with more dynamic and energetic exercise.

    Regular exercise, even a daily 30-minute walk, can burn enough calories. And so, any additional movement can actually burn some fat calories and increase the chance of getting the figure one wants to achieve. One can choose a vigorous workout or just do the simplest things to burn calories. Walking instead of driving could be an option as well as taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Weight loss can be achieved even with gardening and doing household chores.

    Low or high-intensity exercise can burn a good number of fat calories if done consistently. The secret in burning fat and carb calories during exercise is to regularly keep the routine. A 15-minute walk everyday appears to burn fat more than a 2-hour workout every Saturday. The key is to always keep the body moving so you also keep the calories burning.

  2. Build Muscles

    Yes, you read that right. Trainers say that building muscles through strength training and aerobic exercise are the two most effective ways to burn more calories. Researchers say that muscles are good calorie burners. Muscle tissues burn more calories so muscle mass is a significant factor in losing weight.  These muscles will improve your metabolism. Experts claim that a pound of muscle can actually burn at least 30 calories a day.

  3. Eat Healthy

    Eating right supports the exercise and strength training you engage your body into. You can still burn calories if you eat, as long as you take smaller but more frequent meals. Human digestion is also fueled by calories so frequent meals throughout the day still burn calories.

    A new research claims that a glass of milk aids in burning fat and calories after a meal. The research claims that a specific hormone in the body is suppressed thus increasing the fat-burning capacity of the body. This research may be connected to the benefits of dairy products. But be sure to choose low-fat in order to maintain protein and calcium intake without the added calories and cholesterol.

    Never deprive yourself of the foods you want to eat since this will most likely result in binge eating. You can always have a taste of the “bad foods” as long as you control the portion size.  Monitor the portion size of the food you eat and you can easily cut calories and lose weight.

While some people burn calories faster than the others, you can still do something about your weight loss plan. Consistency is the key. Keep a regular workout and diet plan and you will be well on your way to burning fat calories fast.



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