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How to Calculate Weight Watcher Points

Weight Watcher's is a great weight loss program, but it can be a bit costly to maintain - so why not determine your own points allowance and do the program from the comfort of your own home.

Calculate how many Weight Watchers Points you are allowed right from home.

How to Calculate Weight Watcher Points

Weight Watchers is a internationally known weight loss company that provides nutritional education to those looking to lose weight. It operates in about 30 countries around the world and uses a variety of food products and support services to help its members achieve their weight related goals. If adhered to, the Weight Watcher’s eating plan point system can help shed all your excess pounds and get you to a comfortable weight.

To begin the Weight Watcher’s Points Plan, you need to decide how many points you are going to require on a day to day basis. Here are the criteria in which to add together to get your daily points allowance:

  1. If you are male – 8 points, female – 2 points, nursing female – 12 points
  2. If you are between 17-26 years of age – 4 points, 38-47 years of age – 2 points, 48-57 years of age – 1 point, and over 58 years of age – 0 points
  3. If you are under 5’ tall – 0 points, between 5’0”-5’9” – 1 point, and over 5’10” – 2 points
  4. Add the first two digits of your weight in pounds (i.e. 150 lbs – 15 points)
  5. If you are sedentary at work – 0 points, occasionally sit but mostly stand at work – 2 points, primarily walking at work – 4 points, intense physical labor – 6 points.

Take a 37 year old 5’5” women weighing in at 160 lbs who sits for the majority of the day:

                = female (2) +  37 years old (2) + 5’5” (1) + 160 lbs (16) + sitting all day (0)

                = 2 + 2 + 1 + 16 + 0

                = 21 points

Now that you have your points allowance value, you can use the Weight Watcher’s points plan to determine how many points are in the food that you are eating. To do this, use the following equation to determine points on a single serving of food. 

p=(c/50) + (f/12) - (min{r,4}/5)

P = points

C = calories

F = fat

R = dietary fiber [maximum grams of fiber that can be used in this equation is 4]


Let’s use a plate of spaghetti containing 400 calories, 5g of fat and 12g of dietary fiber as an example:

 P = (400/50) + (5/12) – (4/5)

   = 8 + 0.416 + 0.8

   = 9 points

In addition to the points allowance that is provided on a daily basis, you are also provided the same amount of points as one day to use at any time throughout the week. For example, if you have 21 points per day, you also have a backup of 21 points that you can use at any time throughout a 7 day period. However, this is only to be used on special occasions or when necessary – attempt to keep this habit to a minimum until you’ve at least hit your maintenance stage.

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