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How to Choose an Online Weight Loss Program


Type weight loss into Google and you’ll have thousands and thousands of hits on the topic. How are you supposed to filter through all those sites and find the weight loss program that is going to work for you? You’ll need to understand some basics about the various programs available before you can make your decision on what is best for your body.

For starters, what type of program are you currently engaged in? Are you physically active and not seeing results, or are you just beginning and would like to know where to start? There are countless programs out there, some are reputable and some are not, so I will break down the top three so you can make an informed choice.

The third place weight loss program goes to Fat Loss 4 Idiots. I would recommend this program to beginners as a way to jumpstart your weight loss. I wouldn’t suggest it for long term use but it definitely will provide results for the first 6 months. The secret is the calorie shifting which confuses your body and doesn’t allow it to become accustomed to set amount of calories a day. This program will work, but if you began a more rigorous exercise plan than the suggested 30 minutes of moderate cardio, the calorie allowance would not be sufficient. This program is featured at $39, and comes with a meal generator and ebook for download.

Second choice of weight loss programs which works for beginners as well as seasoned veterans looking to invigorate their weight loss program is Tom Venuto’s Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle. This program is very focused on teaching the reader the value of good eating, but in a way that makes you understand how your body is actually working and how to burn fat the right way. Tom writes in a way that is easy to understand and he is constantly motivating you to change your lifestyle. At $39.95 for the ebook plus bonus gifts, the value of this information far exceeds the cost.

The top choice is the award winning site, the Global Health and Fitness (GHF) Weight Loss Program. This program is 100% completely customized to your body type, shape, and experience. You will receive a 12 week program tailored to help you succeed at your goals. At $59.99 for the program, you are getting customized meal plans and exercise routines, motivation, expert advice, and various instructional videos, fitness tracking software, and cutting edge research.

There are so many choices out there to help people lose weight and burn fat. It is important to be wary of anything that compromises your health and sounds too good to be true. Happy health! 


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