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How to Decrease Your Body Fat


Get rid of unwanted body belly fat.

When gauging an individual’s fitness levels, body fat percentage is usually what professionals go by. It is the percentage of your body weight which is adipose fat tissue and is the only measurement where individualized height and weight is taken into consideration. For example, if you weight 160 lbs and you have a body fat percentage of 25%, the fat weight you have on your body is 40 lbs.

Body fat percentage can be measured by using a bioelectrical impedance machine, skinfold calipers, or hydrostatic weighing. The most commonly used measurement tool is the bioelectrical impedance machine which sends an electrical current through your body and depending on how fast the current returns signifies your body fat percentage.

Body fat levels vary from person to person and are dependent of both age and gender; however, you can generally get an idea of your fitness level by reviewing the following recommendation chart.

Description of Condition




14 – 20 %

6 – 13 %


21 – 24 %

14 – 17 %


25 – 31 %

18 – 26 %


32 – 41 %

27 – 37 %


42 % +

38 % +


Decreasing your body fat percentage should not be confused with losing weight. Simply losing weight can mean losing both fat and lean muscle tissue and may have no relation to a decreasing body fat percentage.

To lower your body fat, you must gain lean muscle and burn fat tissue. The easiest way to begin this is to start eating five to six small meals per day, spaced roughly at 2 – 3 hours apart. This will help you jumpstart your metabolism which will in turn burn more calories throughout the day.

Initiating a weight lifting program is also essential in decreasing your body fat percentage. Lean muscle burns more calories than fat tissue at rest, so increasing muscle means an increase in your fat burning capabilities. It will also change your body fat by increasing your lean muscle percentage.

Low intensity aerobic exercise is another way to decrease your body fat percentage. When performing low intensity aerobics, you are using the fatty acid oxidization method which breaks down fat tissue into energy. You need to perform this type of activity for a minimum of 45 minutes to benefit from this particular method of fat burning.



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