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How to Motivate Yourself for Weight Loss


Staying motivated is one of the keys to losing weight and keeping the weight off.

When you can’t seem to find the energy to finish your daily chores, how do you suppose you are supposed to find the motivation to get you up and working out on a regular basic? As a member of our time constrained society, I am sure that I am not the only one who finds myself in this situation.

 I am sure that everyone knows the benefits of working out, both physically and mentally, but sometimes, the most difficult problem to overcome is simply getting you to just do it. Here are some tips to keep close to you to help you overcome your lack of drive and build your motivation to just do it.

  1. Show up. If you work out in a gym, pack your bag and go directly after work. Don’t over think the situation; that’s when you’ll find the excuses not to do it. Instead, tell yourself in the morning that you will be going after work and then simply go. You’ll probably find that even if you didn’t want to go, once you’ve arrived, you’ll probably stay.
  2. Post motivational posters, sayings, or pictures up in places that your frequent daily such as your bathroom. Try cutting out your head from a recent picture and gluing it onto the body of someone who admire. Aim for that goal.
  3. Schedule your workout days in as special appointments and see to it that you don’t cancel them. Remind yourself that you are the most important priority at those times and force yourself to show up.
  4. Provide a written contract with yourself stipulating that certain goals be met by certain dates and provide yourself with an award if you meet them.
  5. Sign up for an athletic event such as a fitness competition or a 5K or 10K run to motivate you to get into shape by a particular date.
  6. Create a weight loss progress chart to help keep you on track. Track yourself by weighing in once per week, at the same time wearing generally the same thing, so that you can an accurate measure of how much you’re loosing and whether you should be changing anything for better results.
  7. On days where you just can’t seem to get energized, attempt to do just the first ten minutes of your workout and then let yourself call it quits if you still can’t get into it. Nine times out of ten you will actually finish your workout.


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