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Importance of Water for Losing Fat


Many experts will recommend drinking lots of water to help lose fat, but no one usually talks about why. They will often say water "flushes out the fat".  However, that's not exactly what goes on.  The following are reasons why drinking more water will help you lose more fat:

  • Increases your metabolism - Researchers have found that the less water women drank, the slower they burned calories.
  • Improves liver's fat burning ability - Drinking more water will help burn more fat, this is because your liver is more efficient at using stored fat for energy when you're well-hydrated.
  • Combats hunger pangs - Just one glass of water can turn off midnight hunger pangs for just about 100% of dieters.
  • Increases your energy - Dehydration saps your energy levels by decreasing your blood pressure. This slows down your circulation and reduces the flow of oxygen and nutrients to your cells.
  • Ease joint or back pains - All of your joints, spinal discs and cartilage are primarily made up of water.  When you are hydrated, you will absorb shocks better without pain and your bones will glide smoothly.

With those five reasons above, you should now make absolutely certain you're drinking more than enough water daily to stay hydrated and help you lose fat faster!



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