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Losing Weight After Pregnancy


Having a definite weight loss program or plan is a great idea after giving birth to a child.

During pregnancy, most pregnant women gain about 25 to 30 pounds. This is due to the growing baby inside their womb as well as excessive intake of food during the entire nine months of pregnancy.

After giving birth to a healthy baby, there are some mothers who find shedding the extra weight they gain during the entire pregnancy very difficult to do. Some say that they are hesitant to lose weight right after pregnancy because they are still breastfeeding their child. Others are just too ignorant on the proper diet and exercise suitable for fresh mothers.

Below are some tips to follow when trying to lose weight after pregnancy:

  1. Breastfeeding. Breastfeeding your baby is one of the most helpful ways to lose weight after giving birth. It is highly recommended by doctors to practice breastfeeding until your child is 2 years old. Breastfeeding is a cheap way for you to lose weight without compromising your health as well as your baby’s nutrition. With breastfeeding, you will naturally burn calories every time you pump and nurse your baby.
  2. Make a definite plan. Having a definite weight loss program or plan is a great idea. Focus and stick with your plan. Although, some mothers may feel a little exhausted for having to take care of the baby, your decision to lose that extra pounds and be healthy should still be on the top of your list. Keep your mind focused and don’t drop your determination to achieve that one goal to lose weight. You have to remember that being overweight can lead to various medical conditions which can even lead to death.
  3. Eat a well-balanced diet.  Some women just want to lose weight the easiest way possible by crash dieting or skipping meals. It is not advisable to do this especially right after giving birth. You have to eat healthy to keep your body performing well throughout your daily activities. Eating the right kind of foods is beneficial for your baby’s nutrition as well as your aim to be healthy and sexy.
  4. Find time to exercise. It is understandable to feel exhausted and sleepy when taking care of a baby. Your baby wakes up every 3 to 4 hours so you’re sleeping pattern also changed. But to lose weight, you have to put your heart and mind at 100% all the way. Have time to exercise. A 30 minute to 1 hour of walking or light jog everyday can do the trick. Of course, your excess pounds will not magically disappear in just one day. You have to do this regularly for your exercise regime to work.
  5. Great support system beside you. Having a supportive and encouraging husband also helps in attaining your goal to lose weight. Your husband should also share the responsibility of taking care of the baby so that you can also have some time off just for yourself.

Losing weight after pregnancy is a challenging undertaking for most women. There are many things to do like taking care of the baby, attending to the needs of your husband and doing household chores. All of these things are difficult to juggle with just one body that sometimes you easily forget taking care of your own self. But, you have to remember that you also need to look good to feel good about yourself. Don’t let your pregnancy ruin your physical appearance as well as take your confidence away from you. All it takes are proper diet, regular exercise, and a great support system to make your weight loss goal successful.  Now it's time to go do it!



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