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Maintaining Your Workout Routine On Vacation


Vacation workout on the beach.

Chances are that you have been working out solidly for the past several months in preparation for your long deserved vacation. But, whether you are going to a 5 star, all inclusive resort in Jamaica or hiking in Peru, there is no reason for abandoning your workout routine.

If you know you will have access to a gym, prepare yourself by learning how to perform your required exercises with the simple equipment. Regardless of where you go, there will most likely be dumbbells available before machines. If you primarily work out on machines, teach yourself how to perform similar moves using free weights beforehand can help ensure that you will continue your workouts during your vacation.

One of the simplest ways to work out on the road is to pack a set of resistance bands or tubes. You can purchase these bands from any sport or fitness store and are relatively inexpensive. These bands will provide you with a full body workout and are lightweight and compact enough to fit into your suitcase. If you are not familiar with resistance bands, prepare yourself by doing a quick online search to find some exercises and printing out a workout before you leave. Even if you aren’t able to match the intensity of your current workout, you will be maintaining your muscle tone and strength just by engaging your muscles consistently.

Cardiovascular activity requires a very high degree of commitment; you could lose some of your cardiovascular endurance if you don’t maintain this portion of your workout. It’s as simple as power walking down the street, assuming you are in a safe neighborhood, or running up and down your hotel’s stairs. You can also try performing calisthenic moves in your room such as jumping jacks, jumping squats, mountain climbers, and even jumping rope. These are great choices for cardio when you don’t have many choices available.

Depending on where you are going, food choices are probably going to be a temptation. Stick to your nutritional plan as much as possible, about 80% of the time, and give yourself an opportunity to indulge. This alone should give you some incentive to continue your workouts.

Remember, you are on vacation and you want to enjoy yourself so preplanning as much as possible is going to allow you a greater freedom overall and more of a chance to relax.



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