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The Spin on Spinning for Weight Loss


A Spinning Class can be a great way to be active and lose weight.

Spinning  isn’t just a fad exercise – it is a great workout that helps you burn fat while strengthening your leg muscles. It is all about high energy and fast tempo, which keeps this class at the top of the list for most effective workouts in a class setting.

What Happens in a Spinning Class?

Spinning classes are typically done in a gym or fitness studio setting with specialized bikes and energetic music. There is an instructor that helps guide each participant through a warm up, various cadences with sprints, climbs, and descents, followed by a cool down. As you go through the phases, you will control the resistance on your individual bike to make the pedaling more or less difficult.

How long is a Spinning Class?

Spinning classes usually are between 60 – 75 minutes but can be found even at 30 minute classes. The 30 minute class option is usually for the time constrained and will be at a higher intensity than other classes. The intensity of each class varies with the rate of pedaling or cadence, the resistance of the bike, and the positioning of the rider.

How Much Calories Can Be Burned in One Session?

Spinning is very high intensity and you can burn 400-600 calories in a 45 minute session – providing you really push yourself and are not slacking off. A good instructor will help keep you focused and motivate you to keep going when you’d otherwise slow down.

Is There a Difference From Biking Outside?

The only difference between spinning in a class and rigorous biking outside is that the teacher is in control of “where” you are going. Spinning is a great alternative when it’s winter and unsuitable to be outdoors and offers a very comparable workout. The opposite can be said though, that riding a real bike provides you the motivation to keep up with the rest of the group and therefore, may be a more thorough choice.

It’s recommended that participants bring lots of water and are thoroughly hydrated before beginning class. Spinning is very vigorous exercise and causes a tremendous amount of sweating. One ounce of water should be consumed for every minute participated in the class, ie. 60 ounces of water after a 60 minute class.



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