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How to Stay Committed to Losing Weight


Staying committed to losing weight will be your hardest challenge.

Maintaining your commitment to losing weight is easier said than done. Keeping yourself motivated is a difficult feat, especially if you are beginner and not noticing immediate results. Changing your daily routine to make regular exercise a part of your life requires a large deal of discipline and motivation. What is standing in the way of being a regular fitness aficionado?

Step One – Make Your Efforts into a Habit

It takes roughly 21 days to make a habit, whether it’s good or bad. Focus on making those first 21 days count as the beginning of your weight loss challenge. This is when you will aim to workout every other day and increase your fitness momentum to the point of not simply going through with the motions, but enjoying them too.

Step Two – Record Your Accomplishments

Start a fitness journal where you can record any milestones you hit, such as the first time you jogged for a solid ten minutes without having to stop or when you surpassed 75 lbs of the bench press machine. Giving yourself an opportunity to reflect back on personal gains is often a driving point to keeping up your commitment and will help you to keep on pushing.

Step Three – Change Your Mentality

It is very easy to sabotage yourself because it’s convenient. You may find that you are producing results as quickly as you once were or that you just want to take the day off. Remember, it’s common to want to take the easy way out but you need to give yourself some tough love and finish what you set out to do in the first place. If you really are not in the mood to work out, try telling yourself that you will do half of your workout instead of the whole thing. Something is better than nothing, and chances are that once you start, you’ll see it through until the end.

Step Four – Be Happy

Always make sure to congratulate yourself when you push through a negative attitude. It’s impossible to be happy all the time so don’t even try. Just remember during your hardest times that there is always light at the end of the tunnel and that you will overcome it.

Step Five – Reward Yourself

Indulge in a much needed massage or fancy new MP3 player, something that will make you feel good about yourself. Obviously, try to stay away from any food rewards as they can backfire and have negative consequences that you’d be best off avoiding.



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