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Stopping Holiday Weight Gain in Its Tracks


Do you really wanna get a Santa belly from all that eating during the holiday's?

It’s a common dilemma – Thanksgiving and Christmas within five weeks of each other and tons of holiday parties to attend. How are you going to resist overeating and not tasting all of the delicious foods placed in front of you?

Prepare your body for the inevitable. Amp up your workout for two weeks before the holiday begins to give yourself a little leeway in terms of gaining a pound or two. You will also put yourself into the right frame of mind to look at the big picture and not get caught up in the small things.

Be sure to maintain your workout routine even if you can’t do the full workout due to time constraints or you are not at home. Purchase a pair of resistance bands and you will be able to squeeze in a full workout without having to hit the gym. Jumping jacks, jumping rope, and mountain climbers are ideas of cardiovascular activity that you can do in short bursts to maintain your endurance. Be sure to maintain the frequency of your workouts.

Choose the food you are going to eat wisely. You don’t want to fill your plate up with everyday foods like buns when there are things that you haven’t tried before or only get once a year. Be sure to balance out whatever you choose to indulge in with either extra vegetables or less sauce than you normally would pour.

Limit your alcohol intake. Not only is it empty calories, alcohol will also impair your judgment to choose and limit certain foods. Beer contains about 12 calories per ounce, wine contains about 20 – 30 calories per ounce, and liquor about 80 calories per ounce. It is very easy to go overboard and not even realize it. If possible, mix your beverage with sparking water or diet soda to add more volume with fewer calories.

Remember, the holidays are a special time of the year and it isn’t realistic to expect that you will be able to follow your diet perfectly. Give yourself a bit of room to indulge. You will enjoy your time with friends and family more if you don’t have to worry about sticking to your diet one hundred percent.



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