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Abs Articles

Having a tight and toned mid-section is what separates the physically fit from the rest of society. No workout is complete without the addition of an abdominal and core circuit. Try one of the following top 5 abdominal apps for a quick way to tone up your...  more »
0 0 Tanya Feb 12, 2011 in Fitness
Getting a toned, flat midsection is no easy feat, especially for a budding fitness enthusiast. Not understanding all the facts involved in creating an ideal abdominal workout may also hinder your progress and potential achievements to creating the sleek...  more »
0 0 Tanya Oct 25, 2010 in Fitness
When most people think of a strong core, their first thoughts fly to an image of a chiseled six pack. While this generally shows a fit physique, a strong core requires strengthening other muscles besides the abdominal. The core is made up of several...  more »
0 0 Tina Oct 21, 2009 in Fitness

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