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The Bigger Loser: Episode 6


Now that the teams have divided into the Blue and Black teams, some of the weekly rules have changed too. For this week alone, elimination will be determined based on the weigh in results of only one person per team. The catch of this is that each team gets to choose who is going to participate in the weigh in for their opponents thus forcing each of the less motivated players to get into the game and start working a lot harder. Elizabeth, in particular, increases the intensity of her workouts with Jillian to avoid being chosen – or at least to have a higher weight loss than her opponent if she is chosen.

This week’s challenge results from celebrity chefs Curtis Stone and Lorena Garcia and the preparation of a three course meal from each team. The other players will judge each meal – without knowing who actually cooked it. With just under 40 minutes to prepare the meals, tension begins to rise in the kitchen as everyone attempts to create the dictated meals.

As each team brings a meal to the table for judging, neither of the contestants judging them has an idea which team created what meal. After all six different foods are judged, the teams are both tied and in need to final judgement. The tie-breaker for the contest is for each team to guess how many calories are in one of their opposing players meals. The Blue team ends up with the closest guess for the calorie number therefore winning a 10-second advantage.

The next athletic challenge for the two teams ends up being a rowing challenge. Luckily for the Blue team, they are able to pull together and defeat the Black team and win an advantage of blocking the first player chosen to represent them in the weigh in.

In total there are two different ‘advantages’ that can be played: a weight-loss advantage worth 3 lbs this week from Adam and the blocking the first player chosen advantage.

The people chosen for representation of each team are Elizabeth for the Black team and Jessica for the Blue team.  The Blue team has the advantage to be able to block Jessica as being their first choice but in the end, they decide not to use this benefit.  At the weigh in, Elizabeth has a total weight loss of 5 pounds and Jessica comes in at 4 pounds. Unfortunately for Jessica, she has the lowest percentage of weight loss between the two of them.

The Blue team has to decide who to let go and end up picking both Jessica or Adam. At the end of the episode, they Black team gets to choose between the two. They decide to let the stronger player go and Adam is released from the competition.  He, however, is far from being a loser in this competition. Since week 1, Adam has lost a grand total of 800 lbs or 20% of his body fat which is an amazing feat to accomplish in such a short period of time.


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