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The Biggest Loser: Season 10, Episode 4


The episode is slightly different than others due to the elimination automatically belonging to the person with the lowest percentage of weight loss as well as the person who loses the elimination challenge. When Ali tells the contestants this, she provides a ‘temptation challenge’ by piling cupcakes in front of them. She tells them that one of the cupcakes provides a one pound advantage coupon and its up to the contestants to find it. Adam starts off episode 4 by finding the coupon; however, to do so he ingested over 1,350 calories in the one sitting. He is horrified that he did that but happy to know he has the advantage coupon, which will grow more and more valuable the longer he holds onto it.

When Bob and Jillian find out that Adam won the challenge, and how much calories he had to consume in order to win it, they are absolutely shocked. Both of the trainers understand that Adam was simply playing the game and aren’t angry about it. Instead, they bring the contestants for a workout to help remind them about the overall goal of maximum weight loss. Jillian continuously reminds everyone about how important the weigh in is this week and that elimination is quickly coming up.

In an effort to show the contestants that not all desserts have to be bad, everyone heads over to the kitchen where they meet with Curtis Stone. He gives them tips on how to have dessert in a healthy manner and also provides a recipe for healthy 100 calorie cupcakes.

At the weigh in, Frado shocks everyone with a 20 pound weight loss. He thanks Bob for pushing him so hard during their workout sessions  while Jesse and Lisa complain about their eight and seven pound loss respectively. When finally Sophia gets on the scale, she is taken aback to find that after all her hard work this week that she has only lost 2 pounds. Because her progress falls below the red line, she is automatically eliminated.   

The rest of the players are rounded out to participate in the elimination challenge for the week. Because Frado won the immunity for the week, he chooses to save Jessica from the elimination. In addition, Burgandy is unable to participate due to an injury and is automatically below the yellow line. The challenge this week is to roll out 900 feet of carpeting and then running back to the starting line. Elizabeth ends up coming in last place and is put up for elimination with Burgandy.

The remaining contestants decide to send Burgandy home. Before leaving, she vows that she will continue to lose weight at home. Inevitably, the show ends with tears and sweat for the two players that were sent home.




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