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The Biggest Loser, Episode 5


In a wild turn of events, the contestants find out from Ali that they will be joined by five new players, those that lost in the hometown challenges, who will be fighting for a chance to be on the ranch. The challenge is to weigh in and compare their weights to their original totals. The five players that were brought back are Motina, Sandy, Shanna, Corey and Anna.  When Anna steps onto the scale, she is overjoyed to learn that she has lost 39 pounds and is welcomed onto the ranch.

This episode has another twist in its plot – the contestants are about to be split into two separate teams and its going to be Anna who decides who will be on each team. The 13th player will have immunity as well as replace the eliminated player next week. She splits everyone and chooses Patrick for the immunity instead of herself.

Each team is headed by a trainer and Anna decides to have Jillian as her team’s trainer. Patrick, the one granted immunity, will be able to choose whomever he wants to train with. Anna has an emotional breakthrough with Jillian when she questions herself and why she feels that she fails everyone. Jillian gives her a shoulder to cry on and provides her with the support and motivation that she needs in order to deal with her issues and eating. During this breakdown with Anna, both Patrick and Brendan are actually strategizing about how to get Anna out of the game and Brendan onto the Black team.

The teams are to participate in a trivia game challenge where they will be racing to food stations and answering questions about food. If they get the answer right, they are free to move onto the next station. If they get the answer wrong, the team must perform a physical challenge in order to move onto the next station. The prize for this challenge is 40 weeks of meal plans and letters from home.

The race begins with the Black team taking an early lead and the Blue team performing physical challenges. Fortunately, the teams tie at the last station where competing as a team really pays off for the Black team. Four players from the winning team, in an effort to be fair, give up the letters from home to the Blue team. It’s a touching end to the trivia challenge.

The strategizers, Brendan and Frado, decide to go through with their plan of throwing the weigh in as a way to get Anna eliminated. Bob ends up anticipating this and lets Jillian in on the plan. She is furious, as a trainer might be, and decides to speak to them about it. She asks them not to throw the weigh in because it isn’t a fair way to eliminate anyone and they agree. The actual weigh in offers a different opinion. Frado ends up losing a total of nine pound and Brendan ends up losing two pounds.

At the end of the competition, Rich gets the most votes to be eliminated. As sad as he is for having to leave, he thanks everyone for helping him get to a place where  he could be a healthier person.



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