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The Biggest Loser: Season 10, Episode 3


It seems that no episode of ‘The Biggest Loser’ is complete without tears – both of happiness, sadness, and guilt.  Tina begins this week’s episode guilt ridden about making it through the competition last week. She becomes focused on the fact that Allie was sent home due to her and even starts talking about leaving the show because of it. Bob, one of the trainers, catches wind about the situation and decides to let Tina know that she is not about to leave and abandon all of her goals – seeing as she has come so far already.

Bob decides to push all the contestants harder in an effort to keep Tina from leaving but he ends up butting heads with Jesse. While defending himself and his methods of training, he decides to increase the intensity on everyone’s workouts to show them who’s the boss.

After pushing everyone through a difficult workout, Bob decides to talk to Tina about her decision to go home. Through his experience as a trainer, he has dealt with many people and learned to identify different methods of training for certain individuals. Tina, the nurturer type, has a tendency to put others needs before her own and Bob tries to explain to her how to use that characteristic to her advantage to help her on her weight loss journey.

As the show progresses, the group gets back together for another ‘workout’. This time, Ali tells the players that Anna Kournikova, world famous tennis player and model, will be leading the workout by teaching everyone the fundamentals of tennis. At the end of the lesson, the players receive a ‘pop’ challenge. The players each get a tube up, placed up a flight of stairs. They are required to collect balls off the court and place them in the tube. The first person to collect 25 balls wins this week’s immunity. Frado ends up winning the challenge.

When the weigh in happens for the week, the trainers hope to see more people over the yellow line. Unfortunately, like last week, most of the guys have lost pounds ranging in the double digits while most of the women are under the yellow line. Burgundy, the first female to weigh in only lost 1 pound this week! Adam, on the other hand, loses a total of 12 pounds and attributes it to focusing on himself. He also wins the weigh-in and gets the uncomfortable position of being able to save one player from the elimination games. He ends up saving Aaron after a moving conversation with him about wanting to stay for his son.

The elimination challenge for this week is to dig in sand for brass rings. The last two people who aren’t able to find a ring are up for elimination and in the end, Lisa and Tina are left. The two give speeches as to why they want to remain on the ranch, however Tina ends up being voted off.




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