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The CrossFit Craze

What exactly is CrossFit and why is everyone talking about it?

Crossfit workout on the beach.

CrossFit is a program designed by police academies, military operation units as well as professional athletes and even martial artists. It is based on an intense strengthening program that utilizes various Plyometrics exercises, weight lifting techniques and combative training techniques to train cardiovascular endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, power, and agility.

Those who perform CrossFit utilize various different exercises such as running, jumping rope, climbing rope, row, pull up bars, kettlebells, dumbbells, and even gymnastic rings. CrossFit classes are performed at affiliated gyms and professional training studios. This program doesn’t specialize in any one particular type of exercis, therefore allowing the participant to gain an overall increase in fitness. Being able to perfom “multiple, diverse, and randomized tasks” are the goals of those participating in the CrossFit program.

The difference between CrossFit and regular workout sessions are that typical workouts consist of different types of isolation movements that generally are not replications of what the body does on a daily basis. CrossFit, on the other hand, uses compound movements along with short bursts of intense cardiovascular training to achieve much better results in a faster period of time. The biggest difference comes in the sense that CrossFit provides a much stronger “core conditioning” which sets the foundation for all other physical needs.

CrossFit was created in Santa Cruz, California by Greg Glassman, a former high school gymnast in 1995. Glassman was hired to train the Santa Cruz police force and in seven weeks, all participants had found an increase in in most of the fitness categories in comparison to their previous program. CrossFit has now branched out into sports training with the development of the CrossFit Football program utilized by NFL players, as well as certification made just for kids.

Good nutrition, just as with any other type of physically intensive exercise plan, is an absolute must. The CrossFit dietary plan consists of ingesting roughly 30% of protein, 40% of carbhydrates, and 30% of fats for your total caloric load. As well, avoiding high glycemic carbohydrates is recommended to protect your health and to avoid excessive sugar intake.

Due to the widespread online presence of CrossFit material, critics are quick to say that this type of exercise can be dangerous without the proper guidance, however, most specialized exercise programs are like this. CrossFits intensity may, to some people, increase the risk of injury. As with any type of individualized exercise program, caution must always be taken.



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