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The Deal on Energy Gels and Chews

Learn how to bring the most to your workout with fast acting energy gels or chews.

Get an energy boost for your workout with fast acting energy gels or chews.

Long distance runners and endurance athletes will tell you that one of the most common training issues stem from not having a continuous source of energy to “feed” off from. Glycogen drains quickly from the muscles stores and is not quickly replenished without eating some sort of energy source. Energy gels and chews are essentially that: an easily digestible carbohydrate that will provide quick energy to muscles to help increase strength and endurance to help push you through any type of training.

As with all types of energy supplements, one must exercise caution when choosing one to make sure that it will provide long last energy without the sugar spike. One brand in particular, Carb BOOM, is just that. Made with real fruit purees and only 2 – 4g of simple sugars, compared to gels made with 15g + of simple sugars, and approximately 22 – 27g of complex carbohydrates, Carb BOOM energy gel provides rapid energy when you need it the most.

Energy chews are virtually the same thing as the gel, especially in the case of the Carb BOOM brand, but provide a difference means of eating them. Instead of having to have a full serving as the gel, you can use as little or as many chews as required to give you the energy boost you need. They are a tasty alternative to other energy supplements.

For the best results when using energy gels, you should consume one serving prior to commencing your activities and then one serving every half an hour of rigorous activity. Energy gels should be consumed with roughly ¾ cup of water or 6 – 7 ounces of water. By taking water with the gel, you will help keep your hydration levels stable while replenishing both your sodium and potassium levels.  Taking an additional serving of energy gel within 30 minutes of your workout will also help with speeding up recovery, reloading lost glycogen into your muscles. High intensity athletes should aim to consume between 16 – 24 ounces of water and between 50 – 75g of carbohydrates per hour of physically demanding activity.

If you’re interested in purchasing Carb BOOM energy gels, and click here ( for an online vendor in Canada or also check out Carb BOOM Energy Gels. 


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