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Three Weeks after New Years; How’s Your Progress?


Review your diet and exercise progress.

So, like nearly 80 percent of the population, your New Year’s resolutions consist of eating healthier, working out, and dropping as many inches as possible; but how much closer are you three weeks after New Year’s? I’m sure that you’ve heard in the past that it only takes 21 days to make or break a habit but have you put that statement into practise yet?

You have to remember, exercise isn’t something that you should do now and then. It is an essential part of your everyday life and should be treated as such. Just as your body craves food, air and water, it also craves exercise. It’s just that many people aren’t perceptive enough to pick up those feelings when intermixed with the stress and commitments of daily society.

Consistency is the Key

Consistency is the absolute key to creating the new link between your new habits.  And, although it can be difficult to implement all the things you want to change at once, keeping to a regular schedule will undoubtedly provide the results you are looking for.  Make it easier to adhere to your schedule by setting yourself up for success every time. If one of your New Year’s resolutions was to stop eating junk food, make sure that your house has been “dejunked”; or if you have decided to get stronger and healthier by working out regularly, make sure that you specifically schedule your time around your workouts, not your workouts around everything else. Make sure to prioritize your health above everything else that is not as important, like picking up your dry cleaning.

If you can reach the 21 day mark without giving up, you will have created a strong new habit foundation. From that point, it only takes a mere 6 months for that habit to become part of your personality. Giving that new-found habit up will only prove to be more and more difficult as time goes on.

Problem with New Year’s resolutions

The only problem with New Year’s resolutions is that people tend to think of them only in abstract, as just a theory; you must remind yourself that it is in fact a lifestyle change and that you need to continue it for your entire life. Once you’ve put that into perspective, you can only get better from there.



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