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Too Tired to Work Out?

Stop making excuses to not workout.

Stop making excuses for yourself to not workout.

It is one of the most commonly used excuses when it comes to why more people don’t exercise on a regular basis – “I’m too tired”. It, however, has the most counterintuitive solution - expend some of your energy and you will end up feeling more energetic. And it actually works.

When you exercise, your circulation improves and with that, more oxygen begins circulating through your body which provides an energizing effect on your muscles. Your body releases hormones which boost your mood and makes you feel better overall.  That's why forcing youself to workout may not be easy, but it's a good thing to get in the habbit of doing.  Here are some tips to get you to work out when you're tired:

Start Slowly

If you are not used to exercise, it is best to start slowly. Give yourself at least 10 to 15 minutes to begin feeling the positive effects and even at that point, your mind may just be “waking up”. Ideally, start your workouts off with a short period of light cardio (10 – 15 minutes) such as brisk walking or a piece of cardio equipment to get your muscles warmed up and your blood pumping.

High Intensity Intervals

When you have a short amount of time to spend on your workouts, engaging in high intensity intervals is the quickest and most effective way to burn fat and produce elevated levels of energy. Also, because intervals couples periods of intense activity with brief periods of recovery, it can be beneficial for energy levels.

Choose Enjoyable Exercises

As far as cross training is concerned, aim for activities that will keep you entertained and that you find enjoyable as those are the exercises that you will continue to do. Examples of these types of activities include various forms of sports such as soccer, swimming or hockey, aerobics classes, or yoga and Pilates.

Drink Water

Always remember to drink lots of water. Because dehydration causes your blood to thicken, your heart is forced to pump harder to carry this thickened blood through your body and will result in fatigue – even though you may not have done anything physically. Aim to drink eight to twelve 8 oz. glasses of water a day and at least one glass of water within 30 minutes of working out.

Eat Before Working Out

Always aim to have a snack about thirty minutes to one hour before your workout as it will help provide much needed energy to your muscles to help you push through and finish. It will also give you the energy to do more than you might otherwise be able to do.

Using the tips provided will definitely help you to increase your energy – but the ultimate booster to help you force yourself to workout is your motivation.



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