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Top 10 Best Weight Loss Supplements


With over thousands of weight loss supplements hitting shelves in drug stores, health and nutrition stores and even the supermarkets, it can be tough to find the best supplement available to aid in your weight loss goals. The following ten supplements have been reviewed and selected as the top ten best weight loss supplements available online, it’s benefits, and the price.

  1. Lipovox  is a supplement which contains the extracts of ten different superfoods such as acai and garlic, as well as four different antioxidants to help you lose weight and get clear skin. Available at for $69 USD for a 30 day supply.
  2. Ephedrasil Hardcore is an appetite suppressant and mood booster to help loose weight quickly and effectively. Available at for $137.00 USD for a 30 day supply.
  3. Apidexin is a supplement which features a thyroid function enhancing formulation which will optimize fat loss and help retain muscle tissue. Available at for $99.95 for a 30 day supply.
  4. Liponesta is another appetite suppressing, fat burning supplement with an added punch. It is also a sleep enhancer which is especially important in recovery after workouts. Available at for $37.00 per bottle.
  5. Proactol has the power to reduce your body fat, curb cravings, lower your cholesterol, and bind your fat intake in an all natural formula. It is available at for $89.95 per bottle.
  6. Dieter’s Cheating Caps or DCC is a stimulant free, fat and carbohydrate blocker with an appetite suppressing punch. It is available at for $23.97 per bottle.
  7. Liporexall is a specially formulated supplement which increases lean muscle mass, suppresses your appetite, and increases caloric expenditure to ensure optimum weight loss. It is available at for $99.95 per bottle.
  8. Phenphedrine is a high performance weight loss supplement. It is available at for $69.95 per bottle.

    The next two supplements are items that should be incorporated into everyone’s diet regardless of whether you are actively working out or not.

  9. Multivitamins are essential due to the utter lack of whole and nutritious food in most American diets. It is very difficult to get a full range of vitamins and minerals in one day’s worth of food so supplementing a multivitamin can keep your stores in top form.
  10. Protein, in either powder or bar form, is a great way to incorporate a majorly under eaten nutrient group into your diet. Assuming you are looking to keep your current muscle mass and build onto it, protein shakes and bars are a perfect post workout snack. If you are not working out, you can also benefit from protein shakes as this nutrient is the hardest to digest, it will force your body to work harder to breakdown leading to increased calorie expenditure.

Remember, there is no magical weight loss pill that will give you your dream body. Exercise and healthy eating are essential to long term weight loss.



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