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Top 10 Super Foods for Weight Loss


While avocados do contain fat, it is monounsaturated fat which increases satiety and keeps the heart healthy.

Does your diet make you hungry all the time? Eating less doesn’t always mean losing weight. There are some super foods which are healthy, tasty, affordable, and easy to find that won’t make you feel like you are dieting at all.

  1. Oats. The weight losing benefits of oats have been a long standing truth. Oats help dieters trim down with its high soluble fiber content. This soluble fiber when eaten produces gels which gives a feeling of fullness and diminishes the feeling of hunger. Aside from its fiber content, oats have minerals, antioxidants, and elements healthy for the health and normalize blood cholesterol levels.
  2. Grapefruit. Although grapefruit’s weight loss effects have been initially considered a myth, researchers have proven that it is true. Grapefruit have been confirmed to have high fiber content and low glycemic index. The high fiber content of grapefruit prevents overeating and also gives the feeling of fullness. Glycemic Index is a ranking developed to classify foods based on its carbohydrate content. Grapefruit ranked 6 with its Glycemic load, wherein a score of 10 is already a low score and considered as desirable carbohydrate. Foods with high Glycemic Load are considered to be undesirable carbohydrates and desirable carbohydrates for those with low score. Foods with low Glycemic Load also have consistent effects on blood sugar level.
  3. Lean Meat. Red meat or chicken/turkey meats have high protein contents which makes them effective weight loss weapons. Aside from protein, these meats also provide essential vitamins and minerals to the body.
  4. Egg. Not just the egg white but the egg yolk too. According to studies, protein found in eggs give dieters a feeling of fullness so they eat less within the day. Eggs can be served either as sunny side up, scrambled or in omelets. Egg when eaten with toast and jelly at breakfast have been proven to be a successful low-caloric diet.
  5. Yogurt. Yogurt is considered as the perfect food as it contains combination of carbohydrates, protein, and fats. It acts by stabilizing blood sugar levels resulting in lesser instances of feeling hungry.
  6. Sardines and other Fishes. Fish products contain large amounts of protein. Protein acts to increase metabolism and makes the dieter feel full. Fishes are also rich in Omega 3, a substance good for the heart and also a mood booster. Another benefit from fish products are that they are cheap and easy to find especially sardines.
  7. Apple. Researchers discovered that apples are low-density foods or has low caloric content. At the same time, apples are high in fiber which also makes dieters feel that they are full and not hungry. Its low-sodium content facilitates less fluid retention in the body. Apples are also rich in vitamins needed for a stronger stamina so dieters can do wide range of exercises to burn fats and calories, and also develop the muscles.
  8. Pumpkin. High fiber intake is directly associated with weight loss. Pumpkins are very rich in fiber with fewer calories. They are not just for Halloweens and thanksgivings, but also one of the most convenient weight losing super foods.
  9. Avocado. Although avocado has an approximate fat content of 29 grams, it is also the main reason why it is included in this list. The fat is classified as monounsaturated, a kind of fat that increases satiety and keeps the heart healthy.
  10. Green Tea. Although not actually a food, green tea has superb weight losing effects. Green tea increases metabolism and at the same time fat oxidation leading to weight loss. It also regulates body temperature and blood sugar.


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