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Top 5 Abs / Six Pack iPhone Apps

Best iPhone and iPod Situp / Ab Apps

CrunchFu iPhone App

Having a tight and toned mid-section is what separates the physically fit from the rest of society. No workout is complete without the addition of an abdominal and core circuit. Try one of the following top 5 abdominal apps for a quick way to tone up your core and get a beach-worthy body in as little as six to eight weeks of regular practise.

1.   Daily Ab Workout

Price: $0.99

Use this daily app to provide you with a 10 to 15 minute workout that will help workout your entire core by targeting all your abdominal muscles.  Each exercise is demonstrated by a personal trainer who will show you the technique and form for each exercise.

2.   CrunchFu

Price: $0.99

This motivating app allows you to train, battle and track your crunch workouts. What's really cool is you get feedback on your crunches speed and form as you do them.  You also get to see reports of your ab training.  The CrunchFu ab app will certainly help you develop a strong core and the flat abs you always wanted.

3.   Lose the Belly (for Women)

Price: Free

This app provides nutritional advice specifically for women to help lose weight, lose inches, as well as tighten and tone the abdomen.  It features several abdominal workout videos to help strengthen the core, tips to help provide visual slimming, as well as nutrition tricks to help burn calories. 

4.   Two Hundred Situps

Price: $1.99

This is a six week training program that allows you to slowly increase your repetitions until you are able to do 200 full sit ups in one session.  It tracks your progress so that you can graph the results and see at a glance your improvements.

5.   How To Build Six Pack Abs

Price: Free

This app provides free advice from nearly 250 different fitness writers in a similar fashion as wikiHow sites. It provides step by step instructions combined with various tips and tricks to help you get the six pack you’ve always wanted. It also contains warnings and advice to stay away from for better results.



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