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Top 5 Calorie Tracker iPhone Apps

The best calorie counting iphone apps.

Using technology to help better your physical self has become a growing trend since the launch of the Apple iPhone nearly four years ago. It’s a proven fact that when you record your dietary choices daily, you have a significantly higher chance of losing weight than those who don’t. What better way to assure yourself that you will lose the weight this time than using one of the Top 5 Calorie Tracking iPhone apps listed below.

Top App #1: DailyBurn                                                                             Price:  Free

This incredible app combines all the necessary features needed to help you lose weight, including:

  • Access to the food database listing over 350,000 foods with its full nutrition information and analysis
  • Tracks all nutritional information for the foods you have eaten
  • Allows you to set goals based on your age, weight, and fitness levels
  • Build customized workout routines, or find a preloaded plan based on your goals
  • Instructions on how to perform your chosen exercises with the correct technique
  • Customized check ins to remind yourself to workout, log your log, or weigh in

Top App #2: My Fitness Pal’s Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker             Price: Free

Unfortunately, recent implementation of having mandatory social networking have driven this app rating down, it still has many commendable features which should be noted.

  • Access to a food database that lists over 600,000 foods and the ability to track all major nutritional information
  • A built in recipe calculator to add in your own recipes
  • Tracks both cardio and strength training progress (including sets, reps and weight used)
  • Customizable goals and the ability to track your progressive weight and measurements

Top App #3:’s Calorie Tracker                                       Price: $2.99

Using a calorie tracker to help you reach your weight loss goals has never been so easy. Included with the app is:

  • Track your weight management goals, your caloric intake, and your daily progress including calories burned
  • Food database that contains over 625,000 foods
  • Simple to use interface that doesn’t bombard you with too many features
  • Fitness database to identify commonly used exercises and their calories burned per minute

Top App #4: MyNetDiary’s Calorie Counter                                            Price: $2.99

This app is not only functional, it is also motivating. As you log your food for each meal, this app will create a running total of your days food intake versus calories burned and outline it to you in a motivation way. It also allows you to:

  • Track your food using a large database and built in bar-code scanner and customized recipes
  • Database of over 500 exercises as well as built in calculators that determine your total calories
  • Monitor your progress based on your current weight, target weight as well as various other factors
  • Syncs online to to allow for online food and exercise entry
  • Online community that allows you to connect with people of your choosing

Top App #5: Calorie Counter by Fat Secret                                               Price: Free

This new calorie counting app combines a simple to read interface with features that are easy to use and functions well:

  • Bar code scanner and quick pick food list for nutritional information
  • Food and exercise diary to track what you are eating and how many calories you burn per day
  • A journal to track your progress


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