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Top 5 Personal Trainer iPhone Apps

The best personal trainer iphone and ipod apps.

THI Personal Trainer
Personal trainers can cost up to $50 an hour at local gyms, or possible even more if you hire one outside of a fully equipped establishment. Unfortunately, many people simply cannot afford to pay this type of money. Using iPhone apps, you can get a similar experience without having to pay all the astronomical amounts usually associated with such help. Here are some of the top iPhone apps that have been tried and tested by other iPhone users.

#1 App:   THI Personal Trainer

Price: $2.99

Whether you’re looking for predesigned workouts that have been proven to work or you want to design your own, THI Personal Trainer is the perfect place to start. It also offers a tracking feature that allows you to log your progress to create personalized fitness reports.  It also has an internal library that explains each exercise in detail.

#2 App:   Workout Trainer

Price: Free

The Skimble Workout Trainer provides a virtual personal trainer to guide you through a customized audio workout that features step by step instructions. Each exercise includes instructional photos and videos to help you perfect your technique while the audio helps keep you motivated.

#3 App:   Fitness Pro

Price: Free

This free app provides over 450 exercises along with photo reference and description of how to perform the movement, ability to custom create your own fitness routine, easy and quick tracking of progress, and the ability to share your logs with friends and family via the online portal.

#4 App:   Jillian Michaels Slim-Down Solution

Price: Free

What is almost as good as having Jillian Michaels training you personally? Having her virtually train you using your iPhone where she will provide you will dozens of amazing exercise routine and circuits along with nutritional guidance. This app also provides daily tips and tricks to help you lose the weight much more easily and with the correct principles in perspective.

#5 App:   DailyBurn - Calorie, Workout and Fitness Companion

Price: Free

This convenient app provides a place to track and manage your daily fitness, diet, and exercise progress.  This not only helps provide an incentive to work out, but it also helps keep you on the right track. Customize your own diet plans to achieve your specific goals and track your works as well. This app even allows you to take your workouts to a professional level by providing an avenue of communication with personal trainers to help you with any issues or concerns you may have.



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anonymous by Ben on 9/3/2012
Can you recommend an iPhone gym workout app that creates the workouts for me mixing free weights and machines (I generally do together chest and triceps; back and biceps; legs and shoulders on three different days) whereby I input reps, weight amount, and number of sets and the next time I work out those body parts the app creates my workout based upon what I was able to do the last time. So basically the app would mix up the workouts and gradually increase my weight/reps based on my previous workout of those body parts. Does such a thing exist?

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